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Ms. Marie Valmonte is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the company and heads the execution of the company’s strategies and planned business expansion to deliver training solutions that would empower human resources to their full potential through training opportunities and partnership in both public and private sectors and non-profit organizations.


Ms. Valmonte began her career in training at an international organization in Washington D.C., spending more than two decades where she developed strong expertise in information technology (IT) development, training program design, development, delivery and implementation. With extensive experience in IT project management, project execution, and portfolio management, Ms. Valmonte has helped deliver significant impact in process improvement, learning program design and delivery, project management and relationship management. 


Ms. Valmonte is an advocate for the advancement of women and a champion of diversity and inclusion, serving as Chair of an employee relations group, and founding women’s networks within the international organization. Ms. Valmonte, a Life Transition Coach, is also the Secretary and Board Member at the Margaret McNamara Education Grant and the Director of Training Program Development for the Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce, Washington D.C.


Ms. Valmonte holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems Management from the George Washington University and an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Santo Tomas in Manila, Philippines. 


Marie S. Valmonte

Chief Executive Officer









Mr. Paul Abhamongkol leads all KayaRoo LLC day to day operations. He spearheads the development, communication and implementation of effective growth strategies and processes for KayaRoo’s global clients.  Mr. Abhamongkol collaborates with the executive management team to develop and implement plans for the operational infrastructure of systems, processes and personnel designed to accommodate the growth objectives of the company. He motivates and leads a high-performance management team; attracts, recruits and retains required members of the executive team, provides mentoring as a cornerstone to the management career development program.

With over 19 years of work experience in development and implementation of program management and brand strategy for new and existing products in an international development organization.  Mr. Abhamongkol has overseen implementation of marketing strategies including campaigns and customer relations events.

Mr. Abhamongkol brings his experience in working in a multinational and diverse global organization with over 10,000 staff to KayaRoo.


Mr. Abhamongkol’s passion is to empower and help people improve their soft skills to form sustainable working relationships with the end-objective of breaking through the corporate bureaucratic structures to lead KayaRoo’s global clients improve their productivity. 


Mr. Abhamongkol took a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Advertising from Marymount University and has coached a youth league lacrosse team in Northern Virginia. He is also a full time soccer Dad but in the good way.


Paul Abhamongkol

Chief Operations Officer 

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