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Dealing with career changes by Marie Valmonte, COO - KayaROo

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Job transition is a huge change, particularly if you have worked at one job for an extended period of time. This transition could be very stressful and challenging. I know it and lived it first-hand. In fact, just last year!

After 23 years working in the same company, I decided it's time to pack up and go. It was scary yet relieving.  Here's what I've learned during the transition process to manage the emotional strain.  

1. Listen to Yourself: search what you want to do next, listen to your inner thoughts, write it down, act on it! Some go from being a finance specialist to a furniture maker or a sommelier. It’s okay to take that leap of faith. It can be daunting but once you’ve taken that huge step, gives some sense of freedom. Knowing it came from your own self-driven passion, you're heading the right way.

2. Drive for that goal: picture where you want to be a year from now. Focus. Then go full speed! Just as in any race there’s a finish line. In any sport, there is a goal and the closer you are to the goal of the finish line, you don’t go slow! You attack!! You give it your best then you’d probably score or in the end win. If you don’t, you get up even stronger, wanting it more and try again!!! Treat your career like a sport - with clearly, well-defined goals. The closer you are to achieving that goal, you sprint, you keep trying until the target has been fully met.

3. Branding: it’s truly worth it to go through the process of branding.  It means to identify your distinctive design, your tagline – what you represent in a nutshell. If Nike says ‘You can do it’ with a swoosh, write yours and draw an image that represents you. You know where to find it, see #1.

4. Have a plan: five years before I left my employer of 23 years, I made up a plan. Often times when asked what would you do after leaving the company?  I had a clear answer, I want to empower people to succeed through professional training.  This today, is my full time job. It took a lot of planning and hard work but laying out the blueprint kept me on track towards clear, concise targets.

5. Networking: It’s time to spread your wings. Advertise yourself, use social media, connect then meet people in your target industry. Two key things to remember about networking: it's mostly free; do it! 

As in any major life change, stress is like a shadow following you.  However, being mindful to follow these simple steps that truly work could guide you to manage the emotional, psychological strains and hopefully help ease the unnecessary apprehension in no time!  

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined” - Thoreau.

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